• Advance facial rejuvenation

    This treatment works with deep tissues, improving the structure and the amount of proteins holding the skin, giving a fresher appearance. These results can be obtained with fractional CO2 laser, Erbium Crystal, Nd: Yag, Intense Pulsed Light, among others. "Synergy lengths" can also be applied to achieve better results.

  • Scientific Laser Hair Removal

    A unique method of Aldana Laser Center, which is based on a thorough evaluation of hair to determine the burden of melanin, indicating the appropriate laser wavelength for treatment. The Alexandrite Laser is used in fair skin and ND: Yag LP. On the other hand, darker skins are treated with moving diode, achieving significant change in the amount of hair.

  • Scars and Stretch Marks Treatment

    For the treatment of scars and stretch marks we have designed unique protocols, in which application of Pulsed Dye Laser is contemplated, aswell as the CO2 Fractional and Long Pulse Neodymium; all depending on the condition of each patient injuries, having as a result a complete management to establish protocols that generate profound changes in the structure of these lesions.

  • Syringes (Botox / Platelet Rich Plasma)

    Application of Botulinum Toxin and Platelet Rich Plasma, are the syringes treatments currently used to complement any treatment for facial rejuvenation in Aldana Laser Center. These treatments are applied under the most strict biosafety rules, with FDA-approved techniques.

  • Digital evaluation

    The facial evaluation is digitally performed with an special equipment called VISIA, which photograph the patient, allowing to appraise the percentage of spots, fine lines and other skin lesions present. Moreover, for pioneerin Scientific Laser Hair Removal treatment, we designed an advanced diagnosis of hair, which allows us to study through a digital microscope, the area that the patient wishes waxing for best results.

  • Tattoo Removal and stains

    There are two types of tattoos, natural, occurring when the pigment is generated by the body, or acquired externally, where pigment comes outwardly as typical decorative tattoo. With the Q-SWITCH technology, we can work with high concentrations of energy in a very short time, causing the dispersion of the ink which is then removed by normal defense cells. The easiest colors to remove are black, gray and blue and the hardest yellow, cream and white.

  • Body Contouring

    We all worry about our physical appearance and, thinking about it, Aldana Laser Center offers an exclusive service of body contouring, with protocols specially designed to your needs which can attack cellulite, sagging, fat deposits in rebel areas and achieve loss of measures.


  • We are pioneers in studies and research in the area of laser applications

  • We draw on years of experience

  • We seek solutions to the various cases from a medical point of view

  • We give you the confidence and security when seeing a therapist

  • Our mission is to serve the needs of our patients

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